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Pretty in Kate’s Hair: Part Two

July 18, 2011

As most of you know, I got a haircut and style last week, and had an opportunity to sit down with my fabulous hairstylist, Griffin, to chat about how to achieve Kate’s hairstyle on a day-to-day basis. In Part One of the “How to Achieve Kate’s Hair” series, I wrote in length about the various tools and products you’ll need, along with “tricks” in washing your hair.

In today’s section, I’m going to discuss how to explain to your hairstylist how to achieve Kate’s look (or at least, make you a bit smarter on what your hairstylist should be doing when cutting your hair like Kate’s) along with how to properly blow dry your hair in preparation for the “style and setting” of the hair, which will be the third and final installation of this series.

So with that, let’s get to business!

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Pretty in Volkswagen

July 18, 2011

From the Daily Mail (U.K.)

Late last week, a story emerged that Kate’s infamous Volkswagen Golf she drove from 2001-2007 was for sale on eBay with a starting bid 0f $32k. Originally, that price also included a pair of silver cufflinks that may or may not have belonged to Prince William (though, given Kate’s brother had the car for a bit, it seems more likely that the accessory was his).

Since then, the seller has decided to give the cufflinks back to the Middletons (glad he ultimately made the correct decision there), and there are currently 0 bids on the car. Keep in mind, this car isn’t worth much if you remove the fact that Kate drove it for several years, (the Bluebook on a 2001 goes for $5,200 so you are getting super ripped off) and she or her brother had a few accidents in it (replaced side mirror and headlight).

Given I am a huge car buff (I heart Top Gear on BBC… the American version stinks), I have a few better options for you if you have $32k to blow on a car that will make you feel like a princess:

Pretty in Kiki McDonough

July 18, 2011
Credit: PA/Kiki McDonough

Kate in the very popular Citrine drop earrings from Kiki McDonough

At Pretty in Kate, I am very fortunate to get to write about two things: 1) The Duchess of Cambridge and 2) jewelry! Imagine my absolute delight when the people from our Duchess’s favorite Sloane Square jewelry designer, Kiki McDonough, shared with us their new “Eve” collection for our dear readers (there were squeals, admittedly).

The “Eve” Collection’s nature-inspired pieces are the perfect summer accessory: delicate and fresh, yet eye-catchingly fun! Each piece is decorated with butterflies, flowers and four-leaved clovers with just a hint of sparkle in 18ct gold.

Without further ado, we present to you a few of the pieces from the “Eve” Collection – and we wouldn’t be surprised if they were seen on Kate sometime soon! After the jump…

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Pretty (and ugly) in Pantyhose

July 17, 2011

I think this is one of the few times she wasn't in pantyhose! Image Credit: Daily Mail (U.K.)

The fashion world (and the world of women) is at odds. From feminist-friendly blog Jezebel to fashion magazines and sites to even daily newspapers like the Boston Globe, women want to know if pantyhose has suddenly come back in vogue.

In the U.K., pantyhose is selling out at department stores. Even fashion polls have been taken to decide on the issue of pantyhose, with shocking results. (Check out What Kate Wore’s post. Seriously?! 36% of pollers are considering wearing pantyhose? Color me shades of surprised!)

My opinion? (If you haven’t already figured it out yet…) Please, God, no, don’t let pantyhose come back. It’s itchy, you have to travel with clear nail polish on the off chance you need to stop a run, it makes using the bathroom potentially difficult (I know, TMI). Clearly, my issue isn’t with how it looks — it’s with wearing it!

I knew Google Images wouldn't fail me in locating an old-school Leggs package.

In reality, pantyhose has its place with certain wardrobe choices. Two or three years ago, wearing patterned pantyhose was all the rage (particularly in the winter). So while it may seem pantyhose is so 80s, (remember those Leggs Eggs at the drugstore? They lasted maybe eight hours before crapping out) clearly Kate (and others) can rock the look.

I still say there is something sexy about having bare legs no matter what you are wearing. Yeah, stockings can be super hot if you’re looking to score, but I feel like those situations only happen in the movies or in cheestastic romance novels.

So, here are my tips on when and how to wear — and not wear — pantyhose. Plus a story about sexy bare legs gone horribly wrong (and pantyhose saving the day) circa 1996 after the jump.

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Pretty in Weddings: The Interview

July 16, 2011

Try playing a violin for a long period of time in four-inch heels. I clearly didn't think that one through!

This past Friday, PiK’s very own Brittney got married! It was a beautiful wedding and it was such an honor to be asked to play the violin for the ceremony. (Sadly, that also meant no fierce outfits… I had a job to do, and I needed to fade into the background a bit. Though I did wear some pretty fierce BCBG Maxazria heels I scored four years ago on sale.)

Both Brittney and I watched Kate get married a couple of months back, and I know as viewers we were wondering what was going through her mind. Will everything look right? Will I trip? Did the cake make it to the reception? Oh God, where did that zit come from? Stuff like that.

So, about 30 minutes before the wedding, as Brittney was attempting to calm herself and locate a missing garter, I asked Brittney a few questions about what she was going through, and any advice for future Kate’s marrying their own dream prince. I think she was pretty excited about not stressing for about two minutes. 🙂

She’ll write her own write up on her wedding once she gets back from her honeymoon.

The video interview is after the jump!

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Something I will NOT be Pretty In!

July 15, 2011

Happy Friday! I wanted to share with you something that you will NEVER see me in (or any of us here at PiK in):

Image Credit: New York Magazine's Look Book

Yeah… I don’t even like wearing bikinis. However, if someone pays me enough, I’ll try and figure something out 😉 Have a great weekend, folks!

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Tri and Be Pretty

July 15, 2011

Image Credit: Getty Images/Huffington Post

At the end of the month, I’m doing my first full triathlon (EEK!). Maybe this is the “Pippa” style of my personality or something 😉

Oddly, enough, the same day Pippa was participating in a relay triathlon (a team of three people split up the typical swim, bike, run) as a runner, I was competing in the Danskin Triathlon in Austin, Texas as a cycler. A lover of all things royal, our team name was called “The Commoners” (because we certainly aren’t royalty!) and we placed 10th out of the participating relay teams. Woot!

A lot of people are wondering why Pippa (and Kate) look so thin. Let me tell you, if you’re doing a triathlon (or any type of endurance sport or training) and eating right, you too can have a nice, tone body. I think genetics plays a role with them, but still.

Granted, we didn’t look as fashion forward as Pippa did in her matching top and shorts, but my team looked more prepared to kick some butt! Here’s a pic:

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