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Courtesy of Dream in Pictures

Jenni (@jennijewel), Austin, Texas
Founder and Editor, Bargain Hunting Expert

My name is Jenni. I am an anglophile. Jane Austen is my hero (but Charlotte Bronte is my strength), I have the biggest crush on all three of the guys that host Top Gear, I want a purple Mini Cooper (or a silver Range Rover) and I prefer my tea with milk. Oh, and my paternal grandfather’s side of the family came from England. So it’s in my blood.

This past April, I took off work for two days to prepare for someone else’s wedding – Kate Middleton’s. I threw a slumber party, had friends over and we watched the lame Lifetime movie about William and Kate’s courtship before dedicating the rest of night (and morning) to BBC coverage of the Royal Wedding. And ever since then, I’ve been hooked on all things Kate.

And I love this Faconnable dress shirt dress I scored at Nordstrom Rack for $25 a few months ago.

This is my dog, Walter. He watched the wedding too, and he was really excited to get his Coach dog collar on sale for $7 at the Coach outlet.

I also handle PR for 3M Company. This blog is not affiliated or associated with them in any way. If I happen to mention 3M or a product in a post, it’s my duty to you, dear reader, to fully disclose that information upfront.

Like Will & Kate, we come from different worlds...

Brittney (@brittneydanne), Little Rock, Arkansas
Associate Editor, Wedding Fanatic

Hi, I’m Brittney. When I was four, I answered only to Cinderella – I also watched the VHS tape of the Disney classic exactly four times per day from age 2-6. Don’t believe me? Ask my mom.

I swoon for British accents. In college, the girls joked that if there was a Brit within a 100 mile radius, I would find him (and I usually did). I had posters of Wills on my walls as a tween, and if my fiance would let me, I’d probably have Will & Kate’s wedding photos next to ours. (He won’t.)

I don’t know much about fashion, and I think that’s one of the billion reasons why I love Kate’s style – she doesn’t have to be haute couture to be beautiful. I’m all about her bargain finds and re-wearing (GASP!) of favorite pieces. Plus we both got married in 2011 – that pretty much makes us BESTIES.

I have three life mottos: be happy, eat dessert and NEVER pay retail.

Does this look familiar? Any girl can be a Princess 🙂

Heather (@Mrs_Davi), Dallas, Texas
Jewelry Editor, Lifelong Royal Admirer

Welcome to PiK! So glad to have you join us.

I became smitten by all things Royal when, at age 5, I discovered a fated book at my grandparents’ home called “Born to Be King: Prince William of Wales.” Done & done. I’ve had the very great privilege of meeting both Prince Charles & Sarah, Duchess of York in my lifetime. I swore I had an in with Prince Charles and that I would meet Prince William someday. But I found my own handsome prince and married him on the spot (well, within the year). We also married in the month of April – just like the Cambridge’s!

I have long admired Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, and have grown fascinated with her over the years, watching her go from “Waity Katie” to Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus (say that three times fast). As a matter of fact, I hosted a Royal Wedding watching party in a hotel suite for my closest family and friends.

And yes, true to rumor, I have an almost exact replica of her engagement ring. My prince knows me well.

I absolutely LOVE jewelry, especially on a monarch, and am excited to provide insight on Duchess C’s favored pieces. It’s all about the bling!

Courtesy of Dream in Pictures

Ashley (@hellohauteness), New York, NY
Looks for Less Editor, Fashionaholic
Hello, my name is Ashley and I am a fashionaholic.  Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, my mother instilled a love for fashion, style, and all things bridal in me from a young age.  I have watched the replay of Charles and Diana’s wedding more times than I can count, so it’s only natural that I would have an obsession with the royals of my own generation.
While I once had a crush on her now husband (what girl born in the 80’s didn’t?!), I have grown to love the former Miss Middleton and her approachable, down-to-earth style.  I only hope to represent her well whenever I copy her outfits.
I happen to believe my personal fashion philosophy lines up with that of the Duchess of Cambridge.  It’s all about being classic yet modern while throwing in a trend or two via accessories.  Looking good isn’t about how much you spend but about the confidence you exude in whatever you put on.  Kate has mastered this expertly and that is why I choose to stalk photos of her to blog about to others that are equally  as obsessed.

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  1. Anna permalink
    July 15, 2011 10:24 am

    Jenni, lovely photo! Again, you’re hair is amazing :)! I envy you! :))
    Ps. Nice make up too!

    • July 15, 2011 10:26 am

      Why, thank you!!! I was having a really good hair (and makeup) day! And the photographer (Michael with Dream in Pictures) did an incredible job taking that photo 🙂 So I can’t take all the credit!

      • Anna permalink
        July 15, 2011 10:45 am

        But you DO look lovely 🙂 So it was a team effort! 🙂
        My God you look so young and already married… I even haven’t found my “prince” yet 🙂

  2. Anna permalink
    July 15, 2011 10:48 am

    Actually can you tell me what eyeshadow you have at your eyes? It looks great!

    • July 16, 2011 8:46 am

      Sure! I use Bare Minerals eyeshadow! If you live in the Austin area, they have an outlet in San Marcos that has great deals. However, I bought this as a set that was on sale through Sephora. I use Starlet Karen as the base, Root for the corners and my eyeliner and then Hiking Trail for all-over on my lower eyelid. Hope that helps!


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