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About PiK

Pretty in Kate (a.k.a. PiK) combines the following obsessions:

  • Princess movies (The Prince and Me I, II and even III)
  • Real Princesses (i.e. Kate Middleton)
  • Teen romantic comedy movies (Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, She’s All That… the usual sappy stuff you can’t turn your head away from)
  • Designer clothing no one can really afford
  • Bargain hunting and the thrill that comes with finding a great deal

PiK isn’t trying to create identical looks that Kate wears, because we don’t have a princess budget. Rather, we take elements of her style and try to find comparable outfits that make us look as put together and chic as the real thing. Or pretty close.

P.S. We are pretty adamant about making sure that any photos we use (whether it be of Kate or of the various fashion photos) get proper credit – either by stating the name of the photographer or providing a link back to the source for readers to purchase. That said, if you claim ownership of the photo and do not want us using it, let PiK know. We’ll be more than happy to remove it.

We also don’t take credit where it’s not due – there are some really fast, stellar eyes out there! PiK makes sure we link to the news article, blog post or tweet where the original comment, opinion or statement was made out of respect and as a courtesy to the original source.

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