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Pretty in Volkswagen

July 18, 2011

From the Daily Mail (U.K.)

Late last week, a story emerged that Kate’s infamous Volkswagen Golf she drove from 2001-2007 was for sale on eBay with a starting bid 0f $32k. Originally, that price also included a pair of silver cufflinks that may or may not have belonged to Prince William (though, given Kate’s brother had the car for a bit, it seems more likely that the accessory was his).

Since then, the seller has decided to give the cufflinks back to the Middletons (glad he ultimately made the correct decision there), and there are currently 0 bids on the car. Keep in mind, this car isn’t worth much if you remove the fact that Kate drove it for several years, (the Bluebook on a 2001 goes for $5,200 so you are getting super ripped off) and she or her brother had a few accidents in it (replaced side mirror and headlight).

Given I am a huge car buff (I heart Top Gear on BBC… the American version stinks), I have a few better options for you if you have $32k to blow on a car that will make you feel like a princess:

  • Used Range Rover. Whether it is back in England or during William and Kate’s stint in LA, you see Kate getting driven around in a badass Range Rover. The Kelley Blue Book on a 2004 Range Rover “Westminster” edition (how appropriate, yes?) is only $29k. I promise you’ll look like royalty in that car versus the Volkswagen Golf.
  • Used Audi. Guess what?! According to the Daily Mail in 2007and subsequent

    Photo Credit:

    articles, Kate traded that Golf in for a 2007 Audi hatchback (that’s still her car too, according to Auto Blog!) because everyone in the royal family loves Audis. (Apparently Prince Harry drove the same A3 hatchback in black.) Kelley Blue Book on an Audi Hatchback from 2007? $25k. Heck, upgrade a year and then you can say you drive a nicer version than Kate!

  • Aston Martin. Remember when William and Kate “drove off” into the sunset after the wedding? It was Prince Charles’ 1969 Aston Martin that runs on grapes… or alcohol fuel. So for roughly $30,000 you too can own an Aston Martin…watch… to start your car with.

But if you’re like the PiK gals and want to roll princess — budget style — stick with the 2001 Volkswagen Golf in a blue/navy color and only spend $5k on it.


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