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Pretty in Weddings: The Interview

July 16, 2011

Try playing a violin for a long period of time in four-inch heels. I clearly didn't think that one through!

This past Friday, PiK’s very own Brittney got married! It was a beautiful wedding and it was such an honor to be asked to play the violin for the ceremony. (Sadly, that also meant no fierce outfits… I had a job to do, and I needed to fade into the background a bit. Though I did wear some pretty fierce BCBG Maxazria heels I scored four years ago on sale.)

Both Brittney and I watched Kate get married a couple of months back, and I know as viewers we were wondering what was going through her mind. Will everything look right? Will I trip? Did the cake make it to the reception? Oh God, where did that zit come from? Stuff like that.

So, about 30 minutes before the wedding, as Brittney was attempting to calm herself and locate a missing garter, I asked Brittney a few questions about what she was going through, and any advice for future Kate’s marrying their own dream prince. I think she was pretty excited about not stressing for about two minutes. 🙂

She’ll write her own write up on her wedding once she gets back from her honeymoon.

The video interview is after the jump!

P.S. This was the first time I washed and styled my hair since my hairstylist did a Kate Middleton cut and style on me. Do you think I was able to replicate it okay?

Jenni and Brittney - doesn't she look happy?!

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  1. July 20, 2011 11:15 am

    Brittney was so composed just 30 minutes before her wedding – just like I imagine Kate was 🙂

    • July 20, 2011 11:46 am

      Yeah, she really was! It was very impressive. I think you just are so ready to get it over with that you let go of a lot of the stress 🙂


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