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Handsome with Kate

July 14, 2011

Wow, I’ve been so busy obsessing over Kate Middleton I didn’t even realize my teenage crush — Prince William — isn’t looking too shabby himself. Not only is the bald spot appearing to look more subtle (Hair Club for Men, perhaps?), but his look appears to be more “grown up” as well. Le, sigh.

You want to know what’s super hilarious though? In high school (10+ years ago), I thought Harry was fairly unattractive, then I ended up marrying a freakin’ red head:

My husband has Prince Harry's red hair 😉 Image Credit: Dream in Pictures

Honestly, I really just try and post pictures of my dog at every opportunity, and my husband just happened to be in this photo.

Anywho, it’s clear that Kate’s fashion sense has rubbed off (willingly or unwillingly) on William. So, are you looking to makeover your man? Male reader(s), need some guidance? PiK is here to help 🙂

First off, there is nothing like a man in a well-tailored suit to make a girl lose her cool. Am I right ladies?! The Daily Mail in the U.K. had a great analysis of how William’s style has changed over the years (the pictures in the story are worth more than the 1,000 words I could type here), going from frat boy to, well, Duke.

Unfortunately, my husband is not willing to play dress up with me, but I do have some pointers for guys looking to look mature their look (or women, who in frustration, have thrown out all of their husband’s frat shirts in the shirt drawer and need to find replacements):

  • Don’t ever pay full price. You’re a guy. Do you really need to buy the latest outfit seen on the runway? Unless you are a gay man working in the fashion industry in NYC — or this guy — the answer is no (and if you are that man, thanks for reading the blog!!). I’m not saying buy all your clothing at Target or Wal-Mart, but there is no need to walk into the Gucci store and buy one of everything (which I’ve a guy do and he still looked hopeless). Nordstrom Rack and Neiman Marcus Last Call have the best men’s selections. Why? Men don’t think to go outlet store shopping! They go to the nearest store and get in and out within 20 minutes. So drag your man into an outlet to help him see the light! He’ll save more money, which means more money to spend on you 🙂
  • Focus on quality. Guess what? Guys don’t take care of their clothing like women do. So buy quality pieces (no polyester blends please!) that will last a boy’s sweat, rough-housing and general piggish behavior (Nordstrom makes some great no-iron/wrinkle dress shirts that look fabulous on, as an example).
  • Buy a nice suit. Okay, this is where I may contradict myself. Suit styles do change from season to season, year to year. A suit that looked fabulous three years ago may look, well, three years ago. So do your research to see what colors are in vogue, if this year it’s two buttons or three on the suit jacket, etc. And then read up on everything GQ has around suits. (Like the article on why men forget to cut off the designer label on the sleeve of the suit. Seriously guys?!)
  • Don’t skimp on the dress shirt and tie. I have seen many a man wear a fabulous suit with a rockin’ pair of shoes, and then blow it with dress shirt and tie that looks like it came out of one of those boxed shirt/tie sets sold at Christmas to help out grandmothers’ shopping for their grandsons. Never wear those — they usually are of poor quality and bad styling. Unless your grandmother bought that for you, then you best make sure you wear it EVERY TIME you see her.

Feel free to share your thoughts on how to make your man look less Homer Simpson and more Prince William 🙂

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