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Pretty in Green

July 13, 2011

Image Credit: /Getty Images, Frazer Harrison

Last Friday night during the North American Royal Tour, I didn’t think that Kate was going to change AGAIN. But alas, she must have split something on her Roksanda Ilincic dress, because she changed into a stunning Diane von Furtsenberg ‘Maja’ dress.

Kate Middleton Style was able to locate the same dress at Boutique 1 for around $540. Yikes. The DVF site that I’ve linked about has it for about $400, but I can’t get the shopping bag to work, so maybe it isn’t available.

Not feeling the pricetag but want the same look? Honestly, good luck. After a ton of searching, there isn’t really a boatneck, button-down-in-the-back, with a cute tie belt in that exact color.

Plus, let’s get real. I live in Texas. We’ve had 29 days of 100+ degree weather this summer. I’m not doing long-sleeve anything until the end of October.

I found some options — they aren’t perfect, but eh, close enough 😉

Check them out after the jump!

Oh, Zara. If I wasn’t so lazy and broke, I’d drive up to your Domain location in Austin ALL THE TIME. Again, none of these dresses are even close to perfect matches. DVF did a great job with a design that no one else has right now (though, give it a few months for Forever 21 to knock it off). But the Zara dress is green and does have a boatneck. And it’s on sale for $30.

The Ellen Tracy dress isn’t the same color, doesn’t have the right neckline, but does provide the same gathering effect that the original dress had without the use of the fabric belt. It’s on sale at Macy’s for $88 (it’s regularly around $130).

And it turns out that I have a green dress from ABS Collection in my wardrobe that I scored for about $20 at Dillards three years ago while shopping with my BFF, Ashley. Paired with my fabulous Ellen Tracy khaki pumps (that bare a striking resemblance to the LK Bennett Bumps Kate frequently wears), and some earrings from Austin-based jewelry designer Kendra Scott I got at a sample sale a few years back ($15), I think I did okay with this look.

I decided to replicate the colors that Kate put together; however, I have a black dress (without the belt) that looks really similar to her dress. If you want, I think you could even find a long man’s button-down shirt and belt it and it would give off a similar silhouette (and when paired with heels, look super hot even though it would be a lot more casual). So raid your dad’s, boyfriend’s or husband’s closet and give that look a try.

Kate’s total cost for her was around the $800 (excluding the clutch and earrings); my total cost is a fraction of that at $95. I’m pleased.

P.S. What kate Wore has the best close-ups of the earrings that Kate wore with this outfit; and they were able to finally ID them — but they’re pricey at more than $1,000. Again, if you have sensitive ears and can’t do fashion jewelry without your ears turning green or red, check out Merah’s Alexandria earrings ($21), the Kristen ($20) or the Grecian Sun ($32) if you’re looking for a more dramatic look. I think they would go great with this look and have that dropped earring effect that *I think* Kate is also wearing. (If you haven’t read our post on Merah and wondering why we’re pimping the line out all the time, it’s because the owner is one of my closest friends… but more importantly, I really believe in her business proposition!)

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  1. July 13, 2011 9:02 am

    Love that color on you!! And Kate 🙂

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