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Pretty (and warm) in Red

July 12, 2011

Image Credit: Phil Noble, Reuters

On the last day of the Canadian portion of William and Kate’s North American Royal Tour, Duchess Catherine sported a stunning red dress suit-coat by one of Diana’s favorite designers, Catherine Walker. She’s also wearing her LK Bennett Sledge pumps (shock!) and a pair of Kiki McDonough earrings from her Grace Collection (WhatKateWore has a great post that breaks down this outfit).

When I first saw it, I got so excited because I own a red coat AND a red dress already! But, as Austin is now in its 10th straight day of 100+ degree weather, I didn’t think that wearing this outfit would be a good idea until maybe December or January.

Oh, but the things I’m starting to realize I do for this blog. So on a hot, humid, balmy evening in the great state of Texas, I put on a freakin’ red wool coat (for two minutes) in an attempt to replicate Kate’s look.

Here it is, after the jump!

Yay! I’m so happy that this looks so similar to Kate’s outfit, at least compared with my other attempts. Per usual, I’m wearing my Ellen Tracy patent leather shoes ($50) as a nod to Kate’s LK Bennett pumps. Then the Preston & York coat was something that I bought almost three years ago on clearance at Dillards ($45). The coat is a little big on me, but for that price, I didn’t really care. FYI, if you ever visit Texas during the late Winter or early Spring, we have the best deals on winter clothing because it just doesn’t get cold here that often 🙂

The Express dress that I’m wearing is a hand-me-down from my BFF Ashley (Free!). I’m also wearing a pair of diamond earrings my husband bought me several years ago as an anniversary gift (free to me?), putting my total cost at a cool $95. And yes, in this light, my legs look a little pale, which makes me think maybe I should have put on nude pantyhose… except that I don’t own any 😉

But what if you don’t have a red dress or coat? (I’ll let our jewels expert, Heather, take on the Kiki McDonoguh earrings for another post). Here are some options:

I really like this embroidered dress from Dorothy Perkins (it’s a U.K. brand/retailer, I think). For only $35 and that gorgeous detailing on the top, that’s a steal. Looking for something a little simpler and slenderizing (is that even a word?) – check out this dress from Nue by Shani. If the marketing speak is to be believed, apparently it uses some type of fabric to make you look skinnier. Um, win. Plus, I think the styling just seems very Kate.

Onto coat options. And by options I mean option. It’s pretty hard to find a red coat in July. 🙂 If you MUST have one now, there is the Shyla Red Wool Coat at Blue Fly for only $110. But if you can hold off until the Fall, I would — there will be a better selection to choose from.

Here’s to looking fabulous in Red!

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  1. July 12, 2011 8:40 pm

    You did remarkably well. And hats off to you for putting on that wool coat. I am surprised you did not spontaneously catch on fire in this horrible hellish heat!! Your office mate ; )

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