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Pretty n’ American, Part Two

July 11, 2011

It’s Day 1 of Back to Normal in Kate Middleton Land. Sadness. But she gave us nearly 20 outfits during her 9-day tour to work from, and I’m excited try to replicate them.

Yesterday’s outfit was a favorite of mine, as I discussed yesterday. And if you can’t score her exact look, I came up with a fairly decent alternative from Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. But what if — like me — you need to work with what you’ve got in your closet to recreate the look, or at least come up with something similar? After the jump, we have an inspired look plus a bonus on how to style your hair like Kate’s!

Complete look:

First, that black blob to my bottom left, is my dog Walter spoiling things 🙂 I couldn’t crop him out without sacrificing the shoes. Oh, well! I don’t own a pair of navy heels (although I may have to work on that if I keep trying to replicate her look), and I’ve never owned a pleated skirt (I always thought they looked a bit matronly until I saw it on Kate). So for my look, I wore a navy Liquid blouse I purchased three years ago from the Barney’s New York Outlet for $12; a skirt my BFF Ashley  made while she was getting her fashion design degree from the University of Texas (free); my BCBG belt that I’ve already blogged about ($60); and, my Jimmy Choo’s that I’ve talked about but never wore on the site until today (free to me? – I scored them with a gift card a friend gave me for watching her cats). My total cost: $72. Not too shabby. That’s about half of what Kate paid for just the skirt. Again, check out our post on what she wore on her last day in LA  if you want details on wear to buy her pieces or the alternatives we suggest.

UPDATE: Oops, forgot to mention I’m wearing my pearl earrings with this outfit. I’ve had them since I was in second grade, so I don’t really count them as an expense I’ve incurred 😉 But if you’re looking for the sapphire and diamond earring look, check out Heather’s post on where you can find that exact look for less. And for our readers with sensitive ears, PiK fav Merah has a great blue earring called Annabelle that would look lovely with this outfit too.

A few notes: I purposely tucked the shirt in and used a belt, even though that wasn’t what Kate did with her crochet cardigan. I could have worn the shirt out, but it works better for me to draw attention to the smallest point on my waist. By leaving the shirt untucked on me, it drew attention to the largest point on my body (lower stomach and hips). I think this is important to note because so many people dress in an outfit because they love the way the outfit looks — but they forget that what’s more important is how the outfit looks on THEIR BODY. That’s why you have so many haute messes (I need to trademark that) running around. They bought the outfit because it looked cute, but not because it looked cute on them.

Second note: I refuse to wear pantyhose. I don’t care if it is trying to make a comeback. It’s just too hot in Texas to wear it.

Here’s the look I recreated to match her hairstyle:

Kate’s hair looks like she didn’t wash it from the night before (or didn’t take the time to straighten it), so it has this nice wavy look to it. Little known fact: unless you have really oily hair, it’s actually really bad for your hair to wash it everyday because you are stripping it up its natural oils.

For my look (and apologies it is so freaking frizzy; I live in Texas and it is hot and humid), I pulled up about 1/3 of my hair and put it into a ponytail. Then I wrapped the hair in a ponytail around itself, used two bobby pins to secure it in place, and there you have it. It seriously took two minutes or less to put together.

(Image Credits: Getty Images, Chris Jackson)

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5 Comments leave one →
  1. July 11, 2011 11:23 am

    I love you’re whole look and am very jealous of your Jimmy Choos!!!

    You look really cute & I’m amazed how little this outfit cost you! Will you be wearing it anywhere?

    Also, for the record, I think you have lovely legs, just like Kate’s!

  2. July 11, 2011 11:45 am

    Thanks, Kate Fan! Those Jimmy Choo’s are probably my favoirte pair of shoes 🙂 I’m actually wearing this outfit (and hairstyle) at work today. No one has told me I look like a duchess yet, but I have received a lot of compliments!

  3. July 11, 2011 11:48 am

    Love, love, love!! So stylish.


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