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Pretty in BAFTA: Borrowed Bling

July 10, 2011

Image Credit: Zap2it/Getty Images

Simply stunning. When HRH Duchess Catherine stepped out of the limo and onto the BAFTA red carpet, the screams were almost deafening. Her designer du jour was none other than her go-to gal, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. See Jenni’s post for excellent information on that gorgeous gown!

The Duchess kept to her minimalist style in very little jewelry, save the diamond chandelier earrings borrowed from non other than HRH the Royal Grandmother herself, Queen Elizabeth. Adorable how Her Majesty is lending our Duchess pieces from her personal collection for the Royal Tour? She must like “C”. A lot.

We were able to find two excellent (and cost conscious) alternatives to the earrings belonging to the current Queen, worn tonight by the future Queen.

The first set of earrings are from Great Day Bridal, for a cool $35. The second pair is from Amazon for $80.

Interested in learning more about Queen Elizabeth’s Personal Jewel Collection? Check out this Wikipedia entry on the subject.

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