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Pretty in BAFTA: The Dress

July 9, 2011

Image Credit: LA Times

Wow. If you were able to sit through the awful livestream of the BAFTA red carpet tonight, good for you. It was pretty painful (E! Online, way to bring in the B-Team, and ABC/CBS — your camera work is pretty pathetic), but let’s skip the complaining and get to the dress.

That dress. Alexander McQueen draping at its finest. It looked like it was made for her — and after scouring the last two years of collections — I didn’t really see anything like it. So I guess it really was made for her!

Which means, we can’t get it. Yet. Give it a few months. Like the wedding dress (which even Nordstrom has available for sale), you’ll probably see this dress and similar versions of it on the rack. But for now, it is literally one-of-a-kind.

After scouring through dozens of sites and literally more than 1,000 dresses, I finally came across one (literally, only one) that I was okay with calling a fairly decent “replica” or “inspired” piece:

It doesn’t have neckline or sleeves like Kate’s dress, but this dress has what was the dramatic “win” of Kate’s dress: how it flowed around her as she walked. And if you’re willing to drop $350 at J. Crew for it, then this is a steal.

But there is still that lovely belt to contend with. Again, it’s hard to find something that is an exact match, but Net-A-Porter had a Lela Rose crystal belt for a tad less than the cost of the dress if you want to try that. Personally, I love supporting local and small designers, and over at Etsy, there was a lovely “bridal sash” that fit the bill for $100.

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