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Pretty in Merah

July 8, 2011

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Meet Meredith. Former co-worker, current friend, @fatroll fav and now the owner of a successful earring line out of Austin, Texas, called Merah. She’s beautiful, right? And she has hair JUST LIKE KATE MIDDLETON (and really similar skin too!). She also has similar taste in fashion too (P.S. Kate Middleton was an accessories buyer for British chain Jigsaw), which is why I wanted to chat with Meredith about her earring line. Because as much as I LOVE the Links of London designs — especially the Hope earrings Kate wore — I’m pretty sure they’re out of my budget, whereas Merah’s prices are in the perfect sweet spot.

Merah ( is the culmination of years of watching people rock out fabulous earrings and not being able to wear a single pair. Meredith has really sensitive skin and ears, which means she can only wear solid gold earrings (even plated gold would give her trouble sometimes). But have you seen the prices of gold lately? Good luck with that.

After doing a lot of research, talking with other women who suffered from the same problem, Merah launched this summer and is a great place for quality earrings without the nasty green color — or other allergic reactions — that come from wearing costume jewelry 🙂

Here are some tips Meredith had for those of us seeking out the perfect pair of earrings and in the styling of Kate’s:

  1. Keep it simple. For daytime looks, Kate opts for simple, timeless styles for earrings.
  2. A touch of glamour goes a long way. For evening looks, Kate accessorizes her gorgeous gowns with the perfect amount of sparkle. Diamonds are a girls best friend afterall — for royals, multiply this by 10.
  3. Don’t overdo it. Sadly, we aren’t real-life princesses. And as Coco Chanel said, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.”

And here are some of Merah’s earrings that have a similar look and feel to earrings Kate Middleton has worn in the past:

Let’s face it. I don’t see any of us commissioning someone to create earrings for any upcoming events we might have (even if it is a fabulous wedding). And my Coat of Arms doesn’t include an acorn (it does have a knight on it, which is cool, if is to be trusted). The Audrey in Clear is a nice alternative without being too flashy (or silly for that matter… I mean, seriously, an acorn? Bows are much cuter.) Still interested in the original? Hop on over to Robinson Pelham’s site and check out the Daisy Drop earrings, which go for $7,000 USD. Hey, they’re still cheaper than the rumored $23,000 the Middleton’s dropped on Kate’s pair.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford gold earrings. But the next best thing is a hint of gold in the form of an adorable bow 🙂 Kate has worn the Kiki McDonough earrings while Dragon Boating (and you know how I feel about wearing expensive jewelry while rowing… geez) and the Epsom Derby this month. Looking for a little more bling in a similar color? Try Merah’s Danielle in Peach, for only $30 USD.

Finally, Kate has worn this Links of London pair of earrings to the ARK charity event and during her Canadian tour this month. Both the Camilla and the Sloane feature the same dropped earring look, with the Camilla touting a touch of embellishment at the top.

And remember, these aren’t meant to be exact replicas of the earrings she wore — rather, earrings “inspired” by Kate’s impeccable fashion sense.

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