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Pretty n’ Casual

July 7, 2011

Yesterday, Kate sported a fun, casual outfit as part of her Canadian Royal Tour. And many of the pieces she put together can already be found in your closet (as I have set out to prove). But if you’re looking for either the EXACT look, or something fairly close, I’ve broken down a few of the major pieces.

Oh, and P.S., I rely heavily on What Kate Wore and Kate Middleton Style to help me identify exactly what Kate is wearing at any given moment. Those sites are fabulous, and if you haven’t bookmarked them already, do it. But after that, finding the U.S. equivalent (or something cheaper) is all in my head.

Let’s start with the beautiful skinny jeans in a navy wash, from JBrand. LOVE! I couldn’t find the 811 Skinny Jeans in that color for sale through their site, but the ones in Ruby seemed to be fairly similar. Don’t feel like dropping almost $200? The Gap is always a great source for jeans and their 1969 Skinny Jeans are a great substitute. Now for the shoes.

Kate’s slingback wedge does a great job of accentuating her really long legs, but even the Pied a Terre site was out of them in black (or they are no longer made). I found a similar pair in an ivory color, but if you like the darker look, go with a pair of Tom’s. They’re reasonably priced and when you buy pair they donate another one to a child in need. Genius. UPDATE: @piedaterreshoes has confirmed that Kate was wearing the Ivy and not Imperia. I thought they looked similar… because apparently they’re the same. Haha.
I adore the back of Kate’s navy blazer by Smythe, part of the designer’s Spring 2011 Collection. Smythe’s site didn’t have a way to purchase the blazer directly, and I don’t know if the brand is sold in the U.S. However, Zara has a great price on a navy twill blazer for only $50. But a good trick — look for fun detailing when looking for cheaper outfits. It makes the piece seem more expensive than it really is.

I still don’t know what ruffled shirt Kate is rocking in yesterday’s outfit, but I found a fun ruffled shirt from Lauren by Ralph Lauren at a fairly decent price. I believe that What Kate Wore is reporting Kate’s cute belt was bought in Africa, so um, that probably isn’t sold here in the US either 🙂

I really can’t afford to go out and purchase the exact replicas or even the “inspired” cheaper looks – and I’m sure most of you are working on some kind of budget. I’m having to work with my existing wardrobe, which provides a fun challenge. It’s almost like having a new wardrobe because you’re pairing looks that you didn’t think to put together. Plus, Austin, Texas, is traditionally a bit more casual (and about 40 degrees hotter) than London. I have to keep this in mind when dressing, because I don’t want to show up to work a sweaty mess.For my look, I paired a Banana Republic ruffled (my hair is hiding the ruffles, sadly) short-sleeve button-down shirt (darted to give me the appearance that I actually have a waist! HA), with a J-Crew navy cardigan, J-Crew straight leg jeans rolled up (um, because I may have accidentally tore holes in the bottom of the legs with my heels on a few occasions) and my Tom’s wedges. Oh, and a BCBG belt I had to buy on a business trip to San Francisco because I had to do a last-minute outfit change. The BR shirt I scored at the outlet for $20; the J-Crew jeans and the cardigan were also scored at the outlet for $10 each (on separate trips about three years apart!); I happily paid full price ($70) for the wedges at Nordstrom last year (buy a pair of Tom’s shoes and they give a pair away, win!); and the belt was around $60, full price at the BCBG store in Union Square in SF (dang you full price!!!!). Whimper. Oh, and I wore my pearl earrings I’ve had since third grade with the look. Total cost for Jenni: $170 (the pearl earrings were a sunk cost…haha). That total cost is still cheaper than the jeans Kate wore 🙂

I’ll do a future post on the joys of outlet shopping, because one of the most popular outlets in the US is about 30 minutes from my house and features some great brands and department stores. Score!

UPDATE: Brittney had NO CLUE that I was doing this post or dressing like Kate today, and she did the exact same outfit! HA! Here’s her take:

Britt's take

She lives in a walkable downtown - flats are a must!

I’m digging Brittney’s use of ballerina flats as a substitute to the wedges. What do you think?! (Blazer – Express, 2010 – $89.99, Ruffled tank – Express, 2010, $29.99, Skinny Jeans – Express, 2010 – $79.99, Flats – Target, 2010 – $17.99)

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