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Pretty in Weddings

July 6, 2011

Hi all! Jenni graciously offered to share her blogging duties with me, a fellow Will-and-Kate-obsessed American girl with princess dreams on a pauper’s budget. It’s true, I’ve been in love with everyone’s favorite royal couple from the beginning, and have religiously followed their journey from college sweethearts to marital bliss – and I’m not the least bit ashamed about it!

Like Kate, this is a big year for me – I’m getting married too! In fact, my wedding is next week! Crazy. I remember crying while watching Will & Kate’s wedding and just thinking “That’s going to be me in a few months” while trying to figure out what was going through her head while she was walking down the aisle. So, I thought I’d talk about some wedding inspiration I’ve gotten from Kate herself…

1. Understated elegance. Kate’s stunning dress was the perfect example of understated elegance. After months of speculation that her dress would mirror Diana’s opulent froo-frah, the world was stunned when she stepped out in a classic, timeless sheath that more closely resembled Grace Kelly than Lady Di. Like Kate, I have also chosen a timeless look – nothing trendy or dated for this girl! Simple and elegant were my MO when dress shopping. (And don’t worry – plenty of pics will be posted AFTER the wedding – can’t let my prince see them beforehand!)

2. Topping it off with a little sparkle. What best complements a simple dress? Why, a little bling I think! And that’s exactly what Kate did, choosing a simple tiara to adorne her perfect brown locks. My veil is the source of my bling – putting a little sass in my wedding look.

3. Statement jewelry. We all know what Kate’s were – the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring and a simple Welsh gold wedding band. For me, it’s an heirloom stone in my engagement ring and sporting my late grandmother’s simple gold wedding band as my “something old” on the big day. My grandmother’s wedding ring is just about an exact copy of Kate’s!

4. Staying true to YOUR look. Kate kept her signature long brown hair in a half-up, half-down ‘do, as her perfectly coiffed hair is just about as famous as she is. She also did her own eye makeup for the big day, rimming her eyes with the simple, complete black liner she is known for. Brides should always aim to look like THEMSELVES on their wedding day – for me, that means simple, understated makeup. I’m a tomboy at heart, so wearing tons of makeup just wasn’t right for me.

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  1. heatherwdavila permalink
    July 8, 2011 7:01 pm

    Happy Wedding fellow PiK blogger! Can’t wait to see photos of your nuptials 🙂 Remember, every girl is a Princess on her wedding day (and it doesn’t have to stop there)!

  2. Anna permalink
    July 14, 2011 11:34 am

    I like reading your posts. Very true and close to heart to every girl.
    Best wishes to you on your new path in life 🙂

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