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Pretty While Dragon Boating

July 6, 2011

About a week before the Royal Wedding, I was lucky enough to watch the worst-best movie ever: William & Kate on Lifetime. It was so bad that it was amazing. In the movie,Kate took on rowing while her and William were broken up — but to my trained eye, that wasn’t just a normal boat, it was a Dragon Boat. And at that time, I was about two weeks away from my first Dragon Boat race. (P.S., missed the Lifetime movie? You can watch it online by clicking here. You may have a few less  brain cells afterwards, but the ones remaining will be swooning. Thanks to reader Brittney for the catch!)

Seriously, could Kate and I be any more similar? We have the same length hair, she’s related to Jane Austen (I love reading Jane Austen) and we dragon boat. Clearly, long lost best friends 😉

This week in Canada, William and Kate had a mini competitive dragon boat race (a normal one is a half-mile; theirs was only 200 ft). And let me just tell you, they looked like crap. I don’t mean to be rude, but part of the beauty of dragon boating is everyone is rowing at the same time. This looked like the B-Team (and I should know, my team ran into a boat on the water during our first heat. HAHA.) But let’s be serious — it’s not about technique, it was about what she was wearing.

And clearly, I was in no way inspired to wear what she wears when dragon boating. Let’s take a look (I’m the one circled in purple):

P.S. My engagement and wedding ring were nowhere near the open water when I was rowing. That is just stupid. I don’t know what she was thinking!

For those of you in Austin, Texas, the annual Dragon Boat Festival is put on by the Asian American Cultural Center. Teams from around the state (and I think a few from out-of-state) compete, along with local corporate teams. It’s a fun team-building activity, and if you’re interested, just contact the organization for more information.

If you want to learn more about Kate’s outfit, Kate Middleton Style had a great post on it.

My two cents? If you’re looking to dragon boat, make sure you:

  • Have breathable shoes!! I wore Speedo water shoes in purple (a classy royal color, mind you). I scored mine at Costco several years back, but Famous Footwear has them in black for under $20.
  • Wear Nike Dri-Fit or similar wickable clothing. When it is windy, you get wet. When the person behind you gets a little too excited with the oar, you get drenched. When you are getting out of the boat, sometimes you get wet. See a pattern? Wearing jeans just seems miserable! Places like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Academy in town have some of the best prices on these types of clothing from Nike, Under Armour and other companies.
  • Kate did have it right with her Nike windbreaker (sometimes it can get super windy out on the water). If you aren’t wanting to spend $80 on that jacket for the off-chance that you are dragon boating, Golfsmith has a Maggie Lane jacket on sale for under $10! It looks pretty similar too!
  • Another thing Kate had right — wearing your hair back. Again, it is so windy on the water that if your hair isn’t tied back, you’ll get whipped in the face several times. Given how hot it is in Texas, wearing a baseball cap is a must if you don’t want a burnt nose or face. Keep it classy with a customized Ralph Lauren baseball cap! It’s only $30 too! Still feeling a little to American? Get a Wimbledon baseball cap.

Have you ever dragon boated before? Any outfit recommendations?

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  1. July 6, 2011 6:43 pm

    I watched that movie too! So terribly amazing. Love this blog – keep it up! 🙂

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