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Pretty in Kate Middleton

July 5, 2011

Gwyneth photo from

Growing up, I had (or still have) an obsession with Disney princess movies. I remember being Snow White one Halloween and I wanted a yellow prom dress to match the awesome Belle dress my junior year oh high school. Luckily, that idiocy never came to fruition. But as an adult, I still own my favorite Disney movies — Aladdin (Jasmine, your mid-drift makes me jealous), Cinderella (my bank account could sure use a fairy godmother), Beauty and the Beast (because we all want to be as beautiful and innocent as Belle) and Sleeping Beauty (because sometimes you look good in pink AND blue, dangit).

My other obsession is mimicking styles of celebrities. For senior prom, I was able to score this fabulous dress at Lord & Taylor for under $80 that looked almost identical to the pink Ralph Lauren dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the 1999 Oscars. Who cares if she looked Barbie-esque? The dress was fabulous. And I came in $20 under budget!

With this site, I’m combining my two obsessions to inspire other women — no matter your shape or size — to embrace the awesomeness that is Kate Middleton’s fashion sense. It’s well documented that she is hands-on with what outfits she wears, and rumor was that she played an important role in the design of her own wedding dress. I don’t think she’s made a bad fashion move since that weird outfit she modeled back in college  (seriously, what is in her hair?). That said, it’s rumored that’s the first time William had the hots for her — so I guess it wasn’t that bad of a fashion move after all.

Image found on Why Fame website

But reality is, most of us can’t afford to purchase exactly what she wears. So let’s band together to save our wallets while still managing to rock out today’s princess looks. I want to bring classy back, dang it, because society (and myself) have gotten a bit lazy when it comes to looking “put together”. Whether we are going grocery shopping or a night out on the town, let’s use Kate Middleton as our muse in how to do classy (and princessy) right.

In other words, let’s get Pretty in Kate.

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